Hi there!

My name is Sasha. I'm a UX/UI designer, with more than 9 years of experience as a freelancer in the domain of Web design, about 3 years of experience as a part of the IT company and the Digital Agency being a UX/UI Designer on outsourcing projects and managing other designers. 

Also, I have almost 2-year experience working as a Product Designer at Figaro discount app. Being one of the stakeholders my duties were to write user stories, design the information architecture, prototype both mobile and web apps, user testings, UI design and project management during the development period. 

As a UX/UI Designer, I participated in three big outsourcing projects, that are not presented in my portfolio yet:
1. Lafarge Moldova ERP-system. I was the person who designed the information architecture, prototyped and designed the UI for that system, partly being a project manager.
2. DriversUSA.com - a social network for truck drivers from the US. I designed the information architecture, working remotely with the project manager from Moscow, prototyped, designed a UI kit with specs (a mini version of a Design System) for that social network and designed the UI. 
3. Brilic dating app, where my duties were to design the information architecture, prototyping mobile and web apps, admin panel, designing the UI, partly being a project manager.

Last year I participated in TechStars Startup Weekend Moldova 2018, being a part of the team of 4, which won over 11 other teams in that competition with our startup idea - Viigo - your personal healthcare companion

In the middle of October 2019, my colleagues and become Global Nominees at NASA Space Apps Challenge 2019 with our air quality app - Your City Breath 

I'm always studying. Even now, I started a learn psychology to understand people better. 

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