At the beginning of November, 60+ people gathered in one place to share ideas, knowledge and grow together as individuals and as a community. It was a global event called Startup weekend 2018. 
So, we had only 54 hours to form a team, define a problem, validate it, deliver a solution and to present it as a startup project to the jury.
It's all about people, so we started with the team. My colleague Roman who is the project manager, and me, accompanied by the 2 amazing iOS developers Ilya and Alexandr, decided to work together.
First of all, we had to define the problem and to validate it. The idea was to create a health assistant for people who care about their well-being. That's how the app was born.
Next 12 hours we spent validating the idea. We had about 60 interviews and 56 emails during the survey from 10 countries. And after that, we started elaborating on the solution.
Having spent 54 hours in the marathon rhythm, we created the app concept and received an agreement from the possible partners. And then...
...we won! (video 📹)

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